“Thunderbird’s instruction allowed me to view different cultures through a lens filtered by the understanding of other cultural work preferences. I’ve become more sensitive to other cultures and can switch cultural styles when necessary in order to accomplish my objectives.”

- Past participant

Strategic Global Negotiations

Gain a stronghold in today’s global marketplace. Gain insight about yourself as a global manager.
Using Thunderbird’s research and self-assessment tools, this program will reveal your individual management styles and cultural preferences. The program delivery is practical, highly interactive and immediately applicable to the workplace.

Spring 2016

Core Curriculum
  • Communicating and Influencing: Learn the value of relational agreement and engagement on communication and negotiation as a leadership competency.
  • Cross-cultural Communication: Explore the impact of culture on management issues and deepen your understanding using the Cultural Orientations Indicator® tool.
  • Cross-cultural Negotiations: Examine negotiation styles, the importance of 'style switching' and the six strategies of effective negotiation.
  • Hands-on Negotiation: Test what you have learned in this program by participating in a global negotiation simulation that will hone your skills.


As a participant, you will also have the opportunity to share your own personal examples of challenges and successes with global strategy, and learn from one another’s best practices.

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